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Services for Companies

TheMoneyCoach.net offers four primary products and services to companies:

A partial list of corporate clients have included:

  • Amazon
  • Black Enterprise
  • Capital One
  • Charming Shoppes
  • HSBC Bank
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • MTV Networks
  • New York Life
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Ooma Telo
  • QuinStreet
  • PayPal
  • Prudential
  • Wells Fargo

Download and view our Capability Statement.

Personal Finance Content

If your company needs personal finance articles, videos, or content for your website, micro-site, blog, mobile app, newsletter or other communications, we can help.

We create financial content for distribution online, in all digital formats, in every printed format available, and for broadcast.

Content can be customized and branded for any of the following and more:


  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Booklets
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • E-books
  • FAQs
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Webinars


TheMoneyCoach.net provides specialized content in these financial categories:


  • Budgeting/Cash Management
  • College Financing
  • Credit Reports & Credit Scores
  • Credit Cards
  • Debt Management/Elimination
  • Family Finances
  • Financial Planning
  • Homeownership & Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Investing/Investment Products
  • Loans (Personal & Business)
  • Mortgages
  • Retirement
  • Saving Money
  • Student Loans/College Debt
  • Taxes
  • Wealth-Building Strategies


To learn how we can develop specific financial content to meet your corporate needs, contact us now.



Money-Management Books

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach®, is a New York Times best-selling author whose books resonate with audiences nationwide.

We offer bulk-purchase discounts on any of Lynnette’s 10 books, including six money-management books for adults, and her four-book personal finance series for kids.


Personal Finance Books for Adults


  • Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating
  • Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom (updated, second edition)

  • College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free
  • College Secrets for Teens: Money Saving Ideas for the Pre-College Years
  • Zero Debt for College Grads: From Student Loans to Financial Freedom
  • Your First Home: The Smart Way to Get It and Keep It
  • The Money Coach’s Guide to Your First Million
  • Investing Success: How to Conquer 30 Costly Mistakes & Multiply Your Wealth


Personal Finance Books for Children (ages 5 to 12)


  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 1: Garage Sale Riches
  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 2: Putting the ‘Do’ in Donate
  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 3: Home Sweet Home
  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 4: Penny Power


Providing books to employees, customers, your sales prospects and others is a great way to spread financial literacy. Books can also promote your business and image in a dozen creative ways!


12 Big Benefits From Books


  1. CUSTOMER APPRECIATION – Send a book to your clients, thanking them for their business.
  1. REFERRALS – Provide copies of a book to people and organizations that can refer business to you.
  1. CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT – Mail books to your prospect list to stay in touch.
  1. NEW BUSINESS REWARDS – Offer a free book to anyone who opens a new account, makes a purchase, uses your services, or completes a transaction with you during a specific time.
  1. TRADE SHOW/EVENT MARKETING – Distribute a book to participants at trade and industry events.
  1. SALES FOLLOW-UP – Use a book as a “thank you” for a sales appointment.
  1. INCENTIVES – Give a book as an incentive for completing a survey or questionnaire.
  1. BONUS MAIL – Include a book, booklet or book excerpt in a mailing with invoices, correspondences, or monthly, quarterly or annual statements.
  1. PREMIUM OFFERINGS – Package a book with a product or service, as a value-added offering.
  1. PROMOTIONAL GIVEAWAYS – Deliver a copy of a book to the hands of the first “x” number of people to enter a promotion, come to your office/store, or do a certain amount of business with you.
  1. CORPORATE GIFTS – Surprise your customers or employees with books during holidays or special events, and create feelings of loyalty.
  1. SUPPORT CHARITIES – Supply books imprinted with your company name, logo or contact information to non-profit agencies and attendees at charitable events.  

To discuss how we can customize our books with your corporation’s name and logo on the front cover, or insert a message in our books from one of your company’s executives, contact us now.



Seminars and Workshops

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach®, isn’t your typical financial expert.

Back in 2001, Lynnette had $100,000 in credit card bills, before paying them all off in 3 years and turning her financial life around. She also left college with $40,000 in student loans, was once downsized, and has been through a divorce. So Lynnette knows about financial troubles – and overcoming them – from first-hand experience.

Since then, she has appeared on such national TV programs as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, The Talk, The Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show sharing her success story and teaching millions about proper money management and how to get out of debt.

Lynnette uses her professional expertise – and her personal experience – to conduct personal finance workshops and seminars, and give keynote addresses for corporate clients around the country.

Lynnette’s most common presentations and workshops are as follows:


Budgeting, Credit and Debt Topics:


  • The ABCs of Budgeting, Credit and Debt
  • How to Have Zero Debt
  • Eliminate Student Loan Debt
  • Perfect Credit in 7 Easy Steps


Financial Workshops for Women, Couples and Entrepreneurs:


  • Smart Money Moves for Women
  • Couples and Cash: Getting on the Same Page Financially
  • Savvy Financing Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • Money Myths and Little Lies That Hinder Financial Success
  • For Love or Money: How couples Can Live Happier, Richer Lives


Real Estate Focused Seminars:


  • Your First Home: The Smart Way to Get It and Keep It
  • Real Estate Riches
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: The Seven Commandments of Successful Homeownership


Investing, Financial Planning and Wealth-Building Programs:


  • Money Management 101: Taking Care of the Financial Basics
  • Secrets to Paying for College Without Going Broke
  • Investing Success
  • Make Your First Million
  • Wealth-Building Techniques for Financial Security
  • Create the Retirement of Your Dreams


Lynnette also offers customized presentations to meet the needs of your company, audience, conference or convention.

For Lynnette’s speaking fees, or to discover how Lynnette can educate, motivate and inspire your group or audience, contact us now.



Spokesperson and Media Services

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach® has been hired as a spokesperson by various corporations, ranging from financial firms to lifestyle companies and retailers.

As a trusted personal finance expert and nationally-known media personality, Lynnette has appeared on more than 1,000 television segments and been quoted in more than 10,000 print and online features.

Here is a partial list of the national morning programs and syndicated talk shows where Lynnette has appeared:

Lynnette and Oprah photo

  • The Today Show
  • Bethenny
  • Good Morning America
  • The Talk
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • The Dr. Oz Show
  • Dr. Phil
  • The Steve Harvey Show
  • The Rachael Ray Show
  • The Tyra Banks Show
  • Anderson


Additionally, Lynnette has been seen on scores of news programs on broadcast networks, cable outlets and live-streaming platforms, including: ABC, Arise TV, BET, CBS, CBN, CNBC, CNN, CNN International, HuffPost Live, FOX, FOX Business, MSNBC, NBC, Reuters TV, and Yahoo! Finance.

Her radio experience is as varied as: BBC, CBS Radio, Public Radio International, NPR, Radio One, Sirius XM Radio, and The Wall Street Journal Radio Network.

To see some of Lynnette’s engaging on-camera work in action, please view Lynnette’s TV highlight reel.

If you want to enhance your brand, improve your reputation or bolster sales, Lynnette has all the qualities you need, as well as the intangibles that make her a hit with consumers and media alike:


  • Experienced
  • Trusted
  • Credible/Authentic
  • Knowledgeable
  • Media Savvy
  • Personable


Lynnette’s spokesperson duties have included:

  • Doing Satellite Media Tours, Radio Media Tours, and Audio News Releases
  • Promoting product launches in traditional and social media campaigns
  • Endorsing consumer-friendly products and services
  • Giving unlimited media interviews for TV, radio, print and online outlets
  • Hosting corporate events
  • Conducting financial education workshops
  • Writing and blogging about client offerings
  • Representing organizations/brands at trade shows and conferences
  • Making public appearances or attending VIP events
  • Serving as featured talent in corporate videos and PSAs


Why Hire Lynnette?


Lynnette is an experienced spokesperson with a proven track record of generating enormous media exposure, positive brand awareness, and sales for her clients. Because she possesses the unique ability to educate, motivate and entertain audiences of all types, Lynnette enjoys a diverse and loyal following of fans and consumers.

People trust her advice and recommendations because they know Lynnette will only promote products, services, tools or initiatives that are in the consumer’s best interest.

Moreover, Lynnette’s background as a Wall Street Journal reporter and CNBC correspondent gives her clients a competitive edge – the ability to leverage Lynnette’s multi-media experience, and her extensive roster of media contacts.

So if you’re ready to hire a first-rate spokesperson, or are weighing potential candidates, call or email us today to schedule a no-obligation conversation. If you are with a P.R. firm, advertising business or marketing agency, rest assured that we respect client confidentiality.

All spokesperson packages, including advertising options, are customized based on your corporate needs and can be tailored to fit your budget.

For all other questions, or to obtain information on Lynnette’s rates and availability as a spokesperson, contact us now.