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Services for Non-Profits

TheMoneyCoach.net offers two primary products and services to non-profits, as well as answers to some common FAQs about working with us:



At TheMoneyCoach.net, we know that while most non-profits have big goals – and an even bigger desire to help your audiences – what you don’t have is a big budget.

We understand completely. We realize that what you do is often a labor of love, with volunteers staffing many of your events and activities.

That’s why we gladly work with all kinds of non-profits, even those on tight budgets. In fact, the non-profit sector is our biggest category of clients.

A partial list of our non-profit clients have included government agencies, community groups, colleges, faith-based institutions and other 501(c)(3) organizations, such as:


  • AARP
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
  • Edward Waters College
  • National Urban League
  • New Jersey Library Association
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • St. John’s University
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • The State of Illinois – Treasurer’s Department
  • The South Carolina Baptist Convention
  • The YWCA
  • United Way
  • University of Michigan
  • U.S. Justice Department
  • U.S. Probation Office

Download and view our Capability Statement.

Money-Management Books


Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach®, is a New York Times best-selling author whose books resonate with audiences nationwide.

We offer bulk-purchase discounts on any of Lynnette’s 10 books, including six money-management books for adults, and her four-book personal finance series for kids.


Personal Finance Books for Adults


  • Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating


  • Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom (updated, second edition)

  • College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free
  • College Secrets for Teens: Money Saving Ideas for the Pre-College Years
  • Zero Debt for College Grads: From Student Loans to Financial Freedom


  • Your First Home: The Smart Way to Get It and Keep It


  • The Money Coach’s Guide to Your First Million


  • Investing Success: How to Conquer 30 Costly Mistakes & Multiply Your Wealth


Personal Finance Books for Children (ages 5 to 12)


  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 1: Garage Sale Riches
  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 2: Putting the ‘Do’ in Donate
  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 3: Home Sweet Home
  • The Millionaire Kids Club Book 4: Penny Power


If you are planning a conference, convention, trade show or other event, providing books to attendees, your staff, vendors and other participants is a great way to spread financial literacy and goodwill.

Books can be branded with your entity’s name, logo, website or phone number.

Depending on your needs, TheMoneyCoach.net can also create customized books, e-books or booklets in these financial categories:


  • Budgeting/Cash Management
  • College Financing
  • Credit Reports & Credit Scores
  • Credit Cards
  • Debt Management/Elimination
  • Family Finances
  • Financial Planning
  • Homeownership & Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Investing/Investment Products
  • Loans (Personal & Business)
  • Mortgages
  • Retirement
  • Saving Money
  • Student Loans/College Debt
  • Taxes
  • Wealth-Building Strategies


To discuss how we can customize our financial books with your agency or non-profit’s name and logo on the front cover, or insert a message in our books from one of your organization’s executives, contact us now.


Seminars and Workshops


Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach®, isn’t your typical financial expert.

Back in 2001, Lynnette had $100,000 in credit card bills, before paying them all off in 3 years and turning her financial life around. She also left college with $40,000 in student loans, was once downsized, and has been through a divorce. So Lynnette knows about financial troubles – and overcoming them – from first-hand experience.

Since then, she has appeared on such national TV programs as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, The Talk, The Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show sharing her success story and teaching millions about proper money management and how to get out of debt.

Lynnette uses her professional expertise – and her personal experience – to conduct personal finance workshops and seminars, and give keynote addresses for corporate clients around the country.

Lynnette’s most common presentations and workshops are as follows:


Budgeting, Credit and Debt Topics:


  • The ABCs of Budgeting, Credit and Debt
  • How to Have Zero Debt
  • Eliminate Student Loan Debt
  • Perfect Credit in 7 Easy Steps


Financial Workshops for Women, Couples and Entrepreneurs:


  • Smart Money Moves for Women
  • Couples and Cash: Getting on the Same Page Financially
  • Savvy Financing Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • Money Myths and Little Lies That Hinder Financial Success
  • For Love or Money: How couples Can Live Happier, Richer Lives


Real Estate Focused Seminars:


  • Your First Home: The Smart Way to Get It and Keep It
  • Real Estate Riches
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: The Seven Commandments of Successful Homeownership


Investing, Financial Planning and Wealth-Building Programs:


  • Money Management 101: Taking Care of the Financial Basics
  • Secrets to Paying for College Without Going Broke
  • Investing Success
  • Make Your First Million
  • Wealth-Building Techniques for Financial Security
  • Create the Retirement of Your Dreams


Lynnette also offers customized presentations to meet the needs of your non-profit, audience, conference or convention.

For Lynnette’s speaking fees and availability, or to discover how Lynnette can educate, motivate and inspire your group or audience, contact us now.




Here are some common questions and answers that non-profit agencies typically want to know about hiring Lynnette as a speaker or obtaining books and financial literacy materials from TheMoneyCoach.net:


Q: Our budget is tight. Does Lynnette discount her speaking rates to non-profits?

A: Yes. Lynnette does offer affordable, discounted rates to non-profits.

Her non-profit speaking rates are typically 50% to 65% off what she charges corporate/for-profit clients. We do our best to help all clients stay within budget.


Q: We have no funds for a speaker. Would Lynnette consider a pro bono keynote address or come do a free seminar for our group?

A: While Lynnette does not offer her speaking services free of charge, please call us if you’d like to discuss your needs and various options we offer non-profits on an extremely small budget.

Perhaps your non-profit has funds for financial literacy materials, such as Lynnette’s books, or maybe we can find a corporate sponsor willing to underwrite Lynnette’s participation.

If you really want to have Lynnette at your event, we can usually come up with a creative solution that is workable for all parties.


Q: If we still can’t afford to bring Lynnette to us as a speaker, are there any other alternatives? Also, what if Lynnette is already booked on the date of our event?

A: In cases where an in-person appearance is not possible, due to budget constraints or a conflict with Lynnette’s schedule, Lynnette is able to create a pre-recorded video presentation just for your group, or even conduct a live Skype appearance for your audience.


Q: Beyond her speaking rate, does Lynnette charge additional fees?

A: Aside from any potential travel, there are no additional fees. Lynnette’s rates are all-inclusive.


Q: Do we have to arrange for Lynnette’s travel?

A: No. If travel is required, we will coordinate with you, but it is best arranged by Lynnette’s business manager, Earl Cox, who is president of TheMoneyCoach.net LLC.


Q: Will we be able to communicate directly with Lynnette?

A: Yes. Lynnette is available to speak to you directly (at no cost, of course) if you need help deciding on hiring her, or if you simply would like to better plan your outreach activities.


Q: If desired, are we able to purchase bulk copies of Lynnette’s books or other financial literacy materials at a big discount?

A: Yes. Non-profits receive a 20%-50% discount off all financial literacy materials, including Lynnette’s popular New York Times bestseller, Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom. The exact discount will depend on the quantity of books or financial education materials ordered.


Q: Can Lynnette help us promote our event?

A: Yes. Lynnette is happy to publicize any event where she is a speaker via social media and, if possible and appropriate, through traditional media channels as well, such as TV or radio.