Spokesperson Services

Spokesperson Services

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach® has been hired as a spokesperson by a host of brands, from non-profit agencies and financial firms to lifestyle companies and retailers.

Lynnette’s spokesperson duties have included:

  • Making public appearances
  • Giving unlimited media interviews
  • Endorsing consumer-friendly products and services
  • Hosting corporate events
  • Promoting product launches
  • Conducting financial education workshops
  • Writing and blogging about client offerings
  • Representing organizations/brands at trade shows and conferences
  • Serving as featured talent in corporate videos and public service announcements

If you want to enhance your brand, improve your reputation, or bolster sales, Lynnette has all the qualities you need, as well as the intangibles that make her a hit with consumers and media alike:

Experienced ● Trusted ● Credible/Authentic ● Knowledgeable ● Media Savvy ● Personable

Customized spokesperson packages, including advertising options, can also be created based on your needs.