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Here’s the most personal essay I’ve ever written about my life and upbringing in a family that struggled economically. It’s a side of The Money Coach few people know, including my mother’s hardships as a single parent, our times on food stamps and even dealing with homelessness.

Last month, during my weekly FaceTime call with my mother, I noticed she was all bundled up in her home.

Since the temperature had dropped in Georgia, where she lives, I didn’t think much of it — even though Mom was wearing a thick winter sweater that seemed more appropriate for New York, where she was raised.

On the following week’s video call, Mom was sporting a turtleneck. So this time, I asked her about it and she made a startling confession, sheepishly revealing that she didn’t want to turn up the heat and have a larger utility bill, so she was basically toughing out being in a chilly house. When I urged her to warm things up, she assured me it was just a brief, temporary decision. Continue reading this article on VOX.